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Our Coaches

Meet the Team

Kim’s Gym prides itself on finding the best coaches around. Each of our coaches is trained in teaching gymnastics and understands the importance of patience, an upbeat attitude, and constant enthusiasm. They not only teach the kids gymnastics or cheerleading, but they have fun with the kids…isn’t that what it is all about? Our coaches are CPR/AED Certified.

Kim Laudenheimer Lindauer



Hi Everyone! My name is Kim Lindauer and I am the owner of Kim’s Gym. I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas in 1998, and never left this city. I am married to Jared Lindauer, and together, we have three sons, Miles who was born in October of 2010, Ari who was born in March of 2013, and Levi who was born in April of 2016. I began gymnastics when I was three years old. I started to compete in the 3rd grade and continued to do so through level 8 and my 9th grade year. In High School, I was involved in cheerleading and was a member of our dance team. At UT, I studied Corporate Communications with a minor in Business. My sophomore year, I began coaching gymnastics at Champions Academy at WAYA, and in 2002, after completion of college, I began Kim’s Gym inside the JCC.  I love this sport, I love children, and I love my job. I believe that recreational gymnastics is key in shaping a child’s future. It provides self confidence, a healthy view of staying in shape, constant positive reinforcement, and is just plain fun. I continue to attend gymnastics conferences, am a member of the Gymnastics Association of Texas, and am safety certified by USA Gymnastics. I am also a member of the Board of Directors for Camp Dream Street, a sleep away camp in Utica, Mississippi for children with physical disabilities.


If I haven’t met you yet, please be sure that you introduce yourself. I love to being able to match up all of our wonderful students with their parents. Thank you again for sharing your amazing children with us.

Rachel copy

Rachel Butler

Chief Operating Officer


Hey everyone! My name is Rachel Butler and I have been with Kim’s for 6 years now. I am from Atlanta, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas. I participated in gymnastics as a child and cheered competitively through high school. I started coaching at Kim’s part-time through college and was hired on full-time after graduation to take on marketing. As my role has evolved, I have always been able to say I enjoy what I do and feel very passionate about the positive influence that recreational gymnastics can have on a child’s life. I am thrilled to be working for a program that is dedicated to teaching positive life skills and helping kids develop good character. I love working with children and their families, and non-competitive gymnastics gives me the opportunity to do this in a really fun environment. At Kim’s Gym, I get to help make sure that every child that comes in leaves feeling good about themselves and their accomplishments. I treasure the opportunity to work with each of your gymnasts!

Nicole copy

Nicole Garcia

Program Director and Elite Silver & Gold Co-Head Coach


Hey everyone! My name is Nicole and I am from Brownsville, Texas. I have been coaching at Kim’s Gym for 5 years. I did competitive gymnastics growing up while also competing in a dance company. I continued my love for gymnastics in college on the University of Texas Gymnastics Club Team. Aside from coaching at Kim’s Gym I am currently the UT Women’s Coach while also competing as an Alumni. I am so happy to be able to share my love of gymnastics with all of your kids as I strongly believe in what gymnastics can teach anyone! I started working at Kim’s Gym part-time and after graduating from UT became the Program Director. I hope to continue to spread the Kim’s Gym philosophy to everyone who comes here!


Megan Gorey

Curriculum Specialist and Elite Silver Head Coach


Hi everyone! My name is Megan and I am from Nashville, TN. I have been coaching at Kim’s Gym for 6 years. I started recreational gymnastics at 6 and started competitive gymnastics at 8. I competed up to Level 10 and continued the sport in college competing for the Indiana University club team. I currently am at it again competing as an Alumni with the UT gymnastics team. I am very passionate about this sport and the many wonderful  life lessons that come from it. I absolutely love sharing my knowledge with children. I started coaching as a teen and have coached both recreational and competitive gymnastics. Not only do I appreciate how gymnastics can improve coordination and balance and increase strength, but I love seeing a child’s self-esteem and confidence grow. I am so grateful to have found a wonderful gym that has a positive focus on the sport. Outside of the gym I enjoy traveling by bicycle, rock climbing and doing yoga.

Val copy

Valerie Enriquez



Hi, it’s Coach Val! I am currently attending the University of Texas at Austin and my major is Biology. I have been tumbling for over 15 years and I’m so excited to work with your child and see the progress they make through out the semester!

kelly copy

Kelly Holmes



Hi Everyone! My name is Kelly Holmes and I am currently a second year Business major at The University of Texas at Austin. I have been a proud member of the Kim’s Gym family since I was about 6 years old. From Tiger Team to coach, I’ve been apart of it all.  Kim’s Gym has given me so many great memories and skills over the years, I can’t wait to give your kids the same experience!

Avani copy

Avani Johnson



Hey y’all! My name is Avani Johnson. I’m a Dallas native and this will be my second semester at Kim’s Gym. I’m a second-year student at the University of Texas, studying Kinesiology and Health Education with an emphasis on strength and conditioning coaching. My background includes over 13 years of cheerleading/tumbling experience (both competitive and non-competitive) and I’m so excited to share a passion of mine with your kids!

Arlene copy

Arlene Smith



Hi everyone! My name is Arlene Smith, from McAllen, Texas, and I am currently studying Economics at The University of Texas at Austin. From the age of 3 years old, I attended gymnastic classes for 3 years and then participated in cheerleading, competitively and recreationally, throughout high school. I very much enjoy working with children and teaching them new skills in a fun and positive way! Working at Kim’s Gym has given me the opportunity to help children accomplish goals and create amazing, life-long memories!

Brooke copy

Brooke England



Hello everyone! My name is Brooke England and I am a senior at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I grew up in Dallas, Texas and started gymnastics when I was 3 years old at a rec-center very similar to Kim’s Gym! I quickly fell in love with the sport and competed until the start of high school. In high school, I was the captain of my school’s cheerleading squad for 3 years. Aside from gymnastics and cheerleading, I grew up volunteering with children through a charity league and frequently babysat in my neighborhood. Going into college, I wanted to continue to work with children as much as possible. Once I complete graduate school I plan to work with children as a Speech-Language Pathologist, where I will continue to utilize many of the interpersonal and teaching skills that I use as a coach. I believe that a sport that enables a child to develop physical and social skills while still having fun is the best kind – and that’s exactly why gymnastics is so great!


Sal Callesano



Hi! My name is Sal and I am a third-year graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. I have lived many different places, but I am originally from New York. As for gymnastics, I have been training for five years. I am now in my third year on the competitive club team at UT Austin. Last year I served as the captain of the men’s team and I am currently the men’s team club president. I believe gymnastics can bring so much joy to anyone’s life and I am so excited to share my love for the sport!

Lexi copy

Alexis Hernandez



Hello! My name is Alexis Hernandez, but everyone calls me Lexi. I am from El Paso, Texas and came to Austin to attend the University of Texas where I am currently a third year pre-med student studying biology. I have over 14 years of competitive cheerleading/tumbling experience under my belt and love everything about the sport. This is my second semester at Kim’s Gym and I absolutely love the energy that constantly surrounds me at work. I am eager to work with your kids and hope to help them achieve their goals!

Cassidy copy

Cassidy Johnson



Hi everybody! My name is Cassidy and I’m from Grapevine, Texas. I am currently a freshman at UT Austin studying speech-language pathology. I started gymnastics classes when I was two years old, and since then I have participated in two years of competitive tumbling, five years of cheerleading, and four years of coaching gymnastics and tumbling. My passion for gymnastics has been a part of my life for 16 years now and I am so excited to share it with your kids!

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